A Map, Photos, Friends & some Birds.™

What is Radius?
Radius is a mobile app the helps you share experiences in real-time with friends using your photos.

Why do I want to use Radius?
We provide the best way to connect with your friends over shared experiences by the location where you took photos in a private and fun experience.

Who built Radius?
Radius was built by the team at Threefold Photos, Inc. and the creators of photo sharing pioneer Webshots.

How do I use Radius?
Radius is currently in beta and available on an invite basis. If you have received an invite, you can follow these steps to start using it:

  1. Install our app through the link provided.
  2. After you install our app, we map your photos, connect you to friends and enable you to share the location where you have and are taking photos.
  3. When you open our app, you’ll see where you and your friends have photos on a map.
  4. When you take a photo, we’ll notify your friends that you are taking photos and show approximately where on a map.

Where do I get an invite to use Radius!?!?
Follow us on Twitter which is where we are announcing invites to test the service.

So I'm sharing my location and photos with you...will you be gentle with my personal information?
Very. We take privacy very seriously and are as transparent as possible with our policies on handling your data. You can read our privacy policy here.

Hey Radius, you know what's delicious? Peanut butter chocolate cups from Trader Joe's. How many should you eat at one time?
We've done extensive testing during our development. We feel two is the right number and 5 is way too much.

I like your bird. Does it have a name?
Hey, thanks! She does...her name is Radi. And we have a whole family of birds that is growing by the day!

Where can I get more help?
We're still getting ramped up. Send us a Tweet and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Want to get in contact with us?